montage_wrapper.commands.mImgtbl(directory, images_table, recursive=False, corners=False, include_area=False, debug=False, output_invalid=False, status_file=None, fieldlist=None, img_list=None)[source]

mImgtbl extracts the FITS header geometry information from a set of files and creates an ASCII image metadata table which is used by several of the other programs. It only collects data from headers that comply with the FITS standard, but reports a count of images that fail that check.

Parameters :

directory : str

Path to directory containing set of input FITS files.

images_table : str

Path of output metadata table.

recursive : bool, optional

mImgtbl can also be used as a standalone program to gather image metadata for other purposes (to populate a database, as a basis for spatial coverage searches, etc.) In this case it is often desirable to collect information on all the files in a directory tree recursively. The recursive option instructs mImgtbl to search the given directory and all its subdirectories recursively.

corners : bool, optional

The corners option in mImgtbl will cause eight extra columns to be added to the output metadata table containing the RA, Dec coordinates (ra1, dec1, ... ra4, dec4) of the image corners. The output is always Equatorial J2000, even if the input is some other system. Though not required for the core processing modules, we recommend using this option, as some of the utilities may require corner locations to function properly.

include_area : bool, optional

By default, mImgtbl ignores FITS files with names ending in _area (i.e. name_area_image), assuming them to be Montage-created area images. If you want to generate information on these images, or if you have images with _area in the title other than those generated by Montage, you should turn on this option to force mImgtbl to look at all images in the directory.

debug : bool, optional

Turn on debugging

output_invalid : bool, optional

When this option is set, mImgtbl will explicitly output each FITS file it finds that does not appear to be valid, along with information on the error.

status_file : str, optional

Output and errors are written to status_file instead of being written to stdout.

fieldlist : str, optional

Used to specify a fieldlist, which will list additional keywords to be read from the FITS headers and included in the output table. Fieldlists should specify the keyword name, type (int,char,double), and size.

img_list : str, optional

mImgtbl will only process files with names specified in table img_list, ignoring an_y other files in the directory.

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