montage_wrapper.commands.mHdrtbl(directory, images_table, recursive=False, corners=False, debug=False, output_invalid=False, status_file=None, img_list=None)[source]

mHdrtbl operates in a fashion similar to mImgtbl, but is used on a set of header template files instead of FITS images.

Parameters :

directory : str

Path to directory containing set of input header templates.

images_table : str

Path of output metadata table.

recursive : bool, optional

mHdrtbl can also be used as a standalone program to gather image metadata for other purposes (to populate a database, as a basis for spatial coverage searches, etc.) In this case it is often desirable to collect information on all the files in a directory tree recursively. The recursive option instructs mHdrtbl to search the given directory and all its subdirectories recursively.

corners : bool, optional

The corners option in mHdrtbl will cause eight extra columns to be added to the output metadata table containing the RA, Dec coordinates (ra1, dec1, ... ra4, dec4) of the image corners. The output is always Equatorial J2000, even if the input is some other system. This has been done to make the metadata uniform so that it can easily be used for coverage searches, etc. The corners option is not needed for normal Montage processing.

debug : bool, optional

Turn on debugging

output_invalid : bool, optional

When this option is set, mHdrtbl will explicitly output each header file it finds that does not appear to be valid, along with information on the error.

status_file : str, optional

Output and errors are written to status_file instead of being written to stdout.

img_list : str, optional

mHdrtbl will only process files with names specified in table img_list, ignoring an_y other files in the directory.

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