montage_wrapper.commands.mMakeHdr(images_table, template_header, debug_level=None, status_file=None, cdelt=None, north_aligned=False, system=None, equinox=None)[source]

From a list of images to be mosaicked together, mMakeHdr generates the FITS header that best describes the output image.

Parameters :

images_table : str

Metadata table (generated by mImgtbl) describing the images to be mosaicked.

template_header : str

Path to header template to be generated.

debug_level : int, optional

Turns on debugging to the specified level (1-3).

status_file : str, optional

Output and errors are written to status_file instead of to stdout.

cdelt : float, optional

Specify a pixel scale for the header, if different from the input images

north_aligned : bool, optional

“North-aligned” option. By default, the FITS header generated represents the best fit to the images, often resulting in a slight rotation. If you want north to be straight up in your final mosaic, you should use this option.

system : str, optional

Specifies the system for the header (default is Equatorial). Possible values are: EQUJ EQUB ECLJ ECLB GAL SGAL

equinox : str, optional

If a coordinate system is specified, the equinox can also be given in the form YYYY. Default is J2000.

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