montage_wrapper.commands.mBackground(in_image, out_image, A, B, C, debug_level=None, no_area=False, status_file=None)[source]

Remove a background plane from a FITS image. The background correction applied to the image is specified as Ax+By+C, where (x,y) is the pixel coordinate using the image center as the origin, and (A,B,C) are the background plane parameters specified as linear coefficients. To run in ‘table’ mode, see mBackground_tab.

Parameters :

in_image : str

Input FITS file

out_image : str

Output FITS file

A, B, C : str

Corrections (as given by mFitplane or mFitExec)

debug_level : int, optional

Turns on debugging to the specified level.

no_area : bool, optional

Indicates that no area images are present (assumes equal weighting for each data pixel)

status_file : str, optional

mBackground output and errors will be written to status_file instead of stdout.

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