montage_wrapper.commands.mBackground_tab(in_image, out_image, images_table, corrections_table, debug_level=None, no_area=False, status_file=None)[source]

Remove a background plane from a FITS image. The background correction applied to the image is specified as Ax+By+C, where (x,y) is the pixel coordinate using the image center as the origin, and (A,B,C) are the background plane parameters specified as linear coefficients. This method runs mBackground_tab in ‘table’ mode.

Parameters :

in_image : str

Input FITS file

out_image : str

Output FITS file

images_table : str

Image metadata table to retrieve the filenames of images.

corrections_table : str

Table of corrections (from mFitplane and mFitExec) to apply to the corresponding image (from images_table).

debug_level : int, optional

Turns on debugging to the specified level.

no_area : bool, optional

Indicates that no area images are present (assumes equal weighting for each data pixel)

status_file : str, optional

mBackground_tab output and errors will be written to status_file instead of stdout.

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