montage_wrapper.commands.mArchiveList(survey, band, object_or_location, width, height, out_file)[source]

Given a location on the sky, archive name, and size in degrees, contact the IRSA server to retrieve a list of archive images. The list contains enough information to support mArchiveGet downloads.

Parameters :

survey : str

Can be one of: 2MASS DSS SDSS DPOSS

band : str

Case insensitive - can be one of: (2MASS) j, h, k (SDSS) u, g, r, i, z (DPOSS) f, j, n (DSS) DSS1, DSS1R, DSS1B, DSS2, DSS2B, DSS2R, DSS2IR

object_or_location : str

Object name or coordinate string to be resolved by NED (if string includes spaces, must be surrounded by double quotes)

width : float

Width of area of interest, in degrees

height : float

Height of area of interest, in degrees

out_file : str

Path to output table

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