montage_wrapper.commands.mFlattenExec(images_table, flat_dir, img_dir=None, debug=False, no_area=False, status_file=None)[source]

Runs both mFitPlane and mBackground on a set of images.

Parameters :

images_table : str

Metadata table (generated by mImgtbl) describing images to be flattened.

flat_dir : str

Path to directory where output files should be created.

img_dir : str, optional

Specifies path to directory containing images to be flattened.

debug : bool, optional

Turns on debugging.

no_area : bool, optional

No-area-images option, indicating that mFlattenExec should not require area images for all the input FITS images.

status_file : str, optional

Output and errors are sent to status_file instead of to stdout

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