montage_wrapper.commands.mFixNan(in_image, out_image, debug_level=None, nan_value=None, min_blank=None, max_blank=None)[source]

Converts NaNs found in the image to some other value (given by the user), or converts a range of supplied values into NaNs.

Parameters :

in_image : str

Input FITS image file

out_image : str

Path of output FITS file. To run in “count” mode without creating an output file, use a dash (“-”) for this argument.

debug_level : int, optional

Turn on debugging to the specified level (1-3)

nan_value : float, optional

Value to use in place of an_y NaNs

min_blank, max_blank : str, optional

If the nan_value option is not used, mFixNaN will replace all pixel values between min_blank and max_blank with NaN.

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