montage_wrapper.commands.mCatMap(in_table, out_image, template_header, column=None, ref_mag=None, debug_level=None, size=None)[source]

mCatMap is a point-source imaging program. The user defines a general output FITS image, and its pixels are populated from a table of point sources. The source fluxes (or just source counts) from the table are added into the appropriate pixel to create an output image.

Parameters :

in_table : str

Input table of source metadata.

out_image : str

Path of output FITS file.

template_header : str

ASCII header template defining output FITS file.

column : str, optional

Name of the table column that contains flux levels. If not specified, pixels will be populated with source counts rather than summed flux values.

ref_mag : float, optional

Set a reference magnitude to use when calculating fluxes.

debug_level : int, optional

Turn on debugging to the specified level (1-3)

size : int, optional

Set a spread size for point sources (default is to use no spread). Allowed values are 3 or 5.

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