montage_wrapper.commands.mBgModel(images_table, fits_table, corrections_table, n_iter=None, level_only=False, debug_level=None, ref_img=None, status_file=None)[source]

mBgModel is a modelling/fitting program. It uses the image-to-image difference parameter table created by mFitExec to interactively determine a set of corrections to apply to each image in order to achieve a “best” global fit.

Parameters :

images_table : str

Image metadata table generated by mImgtbl.

fits_table : str

Plane fitting table generated by mFitExec.

corrections_table : str

Output table of background corrections

n_iter : int, optional

Number of iterations (without option, defaults to 5000). Can be between 1 and 32767.

level_only : bool, optional

Calculate level adjustments only (ie, don’t attempt to match the slopes)

debug_level : int, optional

Turns on debugging to the specified level (1-3).

ref_img : str, optional

Turns on additional debugging for the nth image in images_table.

status_file : str, optional

mBgModel output and errors are written to status_file instead of to stdout.

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