montage_wrapper.wrappers.reproject(in_images, out_images, header=None, bitpix=None, north_aligned=False, system=None, equinox=None, factor=None, common=False, exact_size=False, hdu=None, cleanup=True, silent_cleanup=False)[source]

General-purpose reprojection routine.

If one input/output image is specified, and the header argument is set, the routine is equivalent to using mProject or mProjectPP. If header= is not set, a new header is computed by taking into account the north_aligned, system, and equinox arguments (if set).

If tuples of input/output images are specified, the tuples need to have the same number of elements. If header= is specified, all images are projected to this common projection. If header= is not specified, then a new header is computed a new header is computed by taking into account the north_aligned, system, and equinox arguments (if set). If common=False, then a header is computed for each individual image, whereas if common=True, an optimal header is computed for all images.

Parameters :

in_images : str or list

Path(s) of input FITS file(s) to be reprojected.

out_images : str or list

Path(s) of output FITS file(s) to be created.

header : str, optional

Path to the header file to use for re-projection.

bitpix : int, optional

BITPIX value for the ouput FITS file (default is -64). Possible values are: 8 (character or unsigned binary integer), 16 (16-bit integer), 32 (32-bit integer), -32 (single precision floating point), -64 (double precision floating point).

north_aligned : bool, optional

Align the pixel y-axis with North

system : str, optional

Specifies the coordinate system Possible values are: ‘EQUJ’, ‘EQUB’, ‘ECLJ’, ‘ECLB’, ‘GAL’, ‘SGAL’

equinox : str, optional

If a coordinate system is specified, the equinox can also be given in the form ‘YYYY’. Default is ‘J2000’.

factor : float, optional

Drizzle factor (see mProject)

exact_size : bool, optional

Whether to reproject the image(s) to the exact header specified (i.e. whether cropping is unacceptable).

hdu : int, optional

The HDU to use in the file(s)

silent_cleanup : bool, optional

Hide messages related to tmp directory removal

common : str, optional

Compute a common optimal header for all images (only used if header=None and if multiple files are being reprojected)

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