montage_wrapper.wrappers.mosaic(input_dir, output_dir, header=None, image_table=None, mpi=False, n_proc=8, background_match=False, imglist=None, combine='mean', exact_size=False, cleanup=True, bitpix=-32, level_only=True, work_dir=None, background_n_iter=None, subset_fast=False)[source]

Combine FITS files into a mosaic

Parameters :

input_dir : str

The directory containing the input FITS files

output_dir : str

The output directory to create

header : str, optional

The header to project to. If this is not specified, then an optimal header is chosen.

image_table : str, optional

The table file containing the list of input images. This can be specified to avoid recomputing it every time a mosaic is made from the same set of input files.

mpi : bool, optional

Whether to use MPI whenever possible (requires the MPI-enabled Montage binaries to be installed).

n_proc : int, optional

The number of processes to use if mpi is set to True

background_match : bool, optional

Whether to include a background-matching step

imglist : str, optional

A list of images to use (useful if not all the files inside input_dir should be combined).

combine : str, optional

How to combine the images - this should be one of 'mean', 'median', or 'count'.

exact_size : bool, optional

Whether the output mosaic should match the input header exactly, or whether the mosaic should be trimmed if possible.

clenup : bool, optional

Whether to remove any temporary directories used for mosaicking

bitpix : int, optional

BITPIX value for the ouput FITS file (default is -64). Possible values are: 8 (character or unsigned binary integer), 16 (16-bit integer), 32 (32-bit integer), -32 (single precision floating point), -64 (double precision floating point).

level_only : bool, optional

When doing background matching, whether to only allow changes in the level of frames, not the slope.

work_dir : str, optional

The temporary directory to use for the mosaicking. By default, this is a temporary directory in a system-defined location, but it can be useful to specify this manually for debugging purposes.

background_n_iter : int, optional

Number of iterations for the background matching (defaults to 5000). Can be between 1 and 32767.

subset_fast : bool, optional

Whether to use the fast mode for mSubset

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