montage_wrapper.commands.mTANHdr(orig_header, new_header, debug=False, order=None, max_iter=None, tolerance=None, status_file=None)[source]

Analyzes a template file and determines if there would be an adequate equivalent distorted TAN projection, within a specified tolerance, and outputs the alternate header. This header can be used in conjunction with mProjectPP to produce a TAN plane image. This process is considerably faster than projecting with the general purpose tool mProject.

Parameters :

orig_header : str

Input FITS header

new_header : str

Path to output header to be created

debug : bool, optional

Print additional debugging information to stdout.

order : str, optional

Order of output header polynomial focal plane distortions (default = 4)

max_iter : int, optional

Maximum number of iteration attempts to produce header (default = 50)

tolerance : float, optional

Distortion tolerance value for acceptable output (default = 0.01)

status_file : str, optional

Output and errors are written to status_file instead of stdout.

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