montage_wrapper.commands.mShrink(in_image, out_image, factor, fixed_size=False, debug_level=None, status_file=None)[source]

A utility for reducing the size of a FITS file, by averaging blocks of pixels.

Parameters :

in_image : str

Input FITS file

out_image : str

Path to output FITS file.

factor : float

Size of blocks, in pixels, to average. File size will be reduced by 1/factor squared. If the fixed_size option is used, factor is the desired width of the output image.

fixed_size : bool, optional

Fixed-size option - specify output size of image, instead of the size of blocks of pixels to be averaged

debug_level : int, optional

Turns on debugging to the specified level (1-4).

status_file : str, optional

Output and errors are sent to status_file instead of to stdout

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