montage_wrapper.commands.mProjectPP(in_image, out_image, template_header, factor=None, debug_level=None, border=None, status_file=None, alternate_header=None, hdu=None, scale=None, weight_file=None, threshold=None, whole=False)[source]

mProjectPP reprojects a single image to the scale defined in an alternate FITS header template generated (usually) by mTANhdr. The program produces a pair of images: the reprojected image and an “area” image consisting of the fraction input pixel sky area that went into each output pixel. This area image goes through all the subsequent processing that the reprojected image does, allowing it to be properly coadded at the end.

Parameters :

in_image : str

Input FITS file to be reprojected.

out_image : str

Path to output FITS file to be created.

template_header : str

FITS header template to be used in generation of output FITS

factor : float, optional

Processing is done utilizing the drizzle algorithm. factor is a floating point number; recommended drizzle factors are from 0.5 to 1.

debug_level : int, optional

Causes additional debugging information to be printed to stdout. Valid levels are 1-5; for levels greater than 1, it’s recommended to redirect the output into a text file.

border : int, optional

Ignores border pixels around the image edge when performing calculations.

status_file : str, optional

Output and errors are written to status_file instead of being written to stdout.

alternate_header : str, optional

Specifies an alternate FITS header for use in mProjectPP calculations, allows substitution of psuedo-TAN headers created by mTANHdr.

hdu : int, optional

Specify the FITS extension to re-project if the FITS image is multi- extension.

scale : float, optional

Multiple the pixel values by scale when reprojecting. For instance, each 2MASS image has a different scale factor (very near 1.0) to correct for varying magnitude-zero points.

weight_file : str, optional

Path to a weight map to be used when reading values from the input image.

threshold : float, optional

If using a weight image; only use those pixels where the weight value is above threshold.

whole : bool, optional

Reproject the whole image even if part of it is outside the region of interest (don’t crop while re-projecting).

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