montage_wrapper.commands.mProjExec(images_table, template_header, proj_dir, stats_table, raw_dir=None, debug=False, exact=False, whole=False, border=None, restart_rec=None, status_file=None, scale_column=None, mpi=False, n_proc=8)[source]

An executive which runs mProject (or, if possible for the input/output projections, mProjectPP) for each image in an image metadata table.

Parameters :

images_table : str

ASCII table (generated by mImgtbl) containing metadata for all images to be reprojected.

template_header : str

FITS header template to be used in generation of output FITS.

proj_dir : str

Directory in which to create reprojected images.

stats_table : str

Name of table for output statistics (time of each reprojection, or error messages).

raw_dir : str, optional

Specifies the path to the directory containing the images to be reprojected. If the -p option is not included, mProjExec looks for the images in the current working directory.

debug : bool, optional

Turns on debugging

exact : bool, optional

Flag indicating output image should exactly match the FITS header template, and not crop off blank pixels

whole : bool, optional

Force reprojection of whole images, even if they exceed the area of the FITS header template

border : int, optional

Ignore border width of pixels around edge of images

restart_rec : str, optional

Allows restart at record number restart_rec, if mProjExec exits upon an error

status_file : str, optional

Output and errors are written to status_file instead of being written to stdout.

scale_column : str, optional

Turn on flux rescaling (e.g. magnitude zero point correction): scale_column is the name of a column in images_table which contains scale information.

mpi : bool, optional

If set to True, will use the MPI-enabled versions of the Montage executable.

n_proc : int, optional

If mpi is set to True, n_proc is the number of processes to run simultaneously (default is 8)

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