montage_wrapper.commands.mHdr(object_or_location, width, out_file, system=None, equinox=None, height=None, pix_size=None, rotation=None)[source]

Connects to the IRSA service HdrTemplate to create a header template based on a location, size, resolution and rotation.

Parameters :

object_or_location : str

Object string or coordinate location

width : float

Width (x-axis) of area

out_file : str

Path to output header template

system : str, optional

Specify a coordinate system. Can be one of: “equatorial” or “eq” (default), “ecliptic” or “ec” “galactic”, “ga”, “supergalactic” or “sgal”

equinox : str, optional

Specify an equinox. Default is 2000.0

height : float, optional

Height (y-axis) of area in degrees. Default is equal to width

pix_size : float, optional

Size of a pixel (in arcsec); default is 1

rotation : float, optional

Rotation of image; default is 0

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