montage_wrapper.commands.mDiffExec(diffs_table, template_header, diff_dir, proj_dir=None, debug=False, no_area=False, status_file=None, mpi=False, n_proc=8)[source]

Runs mDiff on all the pairs identified by mOverlaps.

Parameters :

diffs_table : str

Table generated by mOverlaps for the images in proj_dir.

template_header : str

FITS header template for output files.

diff_dir : str

Path to output files.

proj_dir : str, optional

Specifies path to the directory containing reprojected input images.

debug : bool, optional

Turns on debugging.

no_area : bool, optional

No-area-images option. Creates difference image without requiring _area FITS images

status_file : str, optional

Output and errors are sent to status_file instead of to stdout

mpi : bool, optional

If set to True, will use the MPI-enabled versions of the Montage executable.

n_proc : int, optional

If mpi is set to True, n_proc is the number of processes to run simultaneously (default is 8)

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