montage_wrapper.commands.mAdd(images_table, template_header, out_image, img_dir=None, no_area=False, type=None, exact=False, debug_level=None, status_file=None, mpi=False, n_proc=8)[source]

Coadd the reprojected images in an input list to form an output mosaic with FITS header keywords specified in a header file. Creates two output files, one containing the coadded pixel values, and the other containing coadded pixel area values. The pixel area values can be used as a weighting function if the output pixel values are themselves to be coadded with other projected images, and may also be used in validating the fidelity of the output pixel values.

Parameters :

images_table : str

ASCII table (generated by mImgtbl) containing metadata for all images to be coadded.

template_header : str

FITS header template to be used in generation of output FITS

out_image : str

Name of output FITS image.

img_dir : str, optional

Specifies path to directory containing reprojected images. If the img_dir option is not included, mAdd will look for the input images in the current working directory.

no_area : bool, optional

Co-addition ignores weighting by pixel areas and performs coaddition based only on pixel postions. Will not output an area image for the output image.

type : str, optional

Select type of averaging to be done on accumulated pixel values (either mean or median). To generate a map showing counts of how man_y times each pixel was overlapped by the input images, use count.

exact : bool, optional

Enables exact size mode. The output image will match the header template exactly, instead of shrinking the output to fit the data.

debug_level : int, optional

Turns on debugging to the specified level (1-3).

status_file : str, optional

mAdd output and errors will be written to status_file instead of stdout.

mpi : bool, optional

If set to True, will use the MPI-enabled versions of the Montage executable.

n_proc : int, optional

If mpi is set to True, n_proc is the number of processes to run simultaneously (default is 8)

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